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Why The Supreme Court Will Overturn ObamaCare

Ben Smith over at Buzzfeed has the following snippet about Why The Supreme Court Will Overturn ObamaCare.

Of course, the real problem is that conservatives don’t support the New Deal expansion of the Federal Government that came with an expansive reading of the Commerce Clause.

Based on existing precedent the ACA should be upheld, but if you think that the existing precedent is faulty, and you don’t support the existence of large government programs, you might want to carve out an exception and precedent be damned.

Of course, realistically that will leave the Democrats no real choice but to push for single payer based on the taxing power granted by the 16th amendment.


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One thought on “Why The Supreme Court Will Overturn ObamaCare

  1. I never really had a problem with the premise that everyone should purchase health care, as most of us wouldn’t be able to afford the medical costs if we came down with something serious…
    What I never understood was why mandating health coverage should cost a couple trillion in taxes over 10 years…
    The main problem with the mandate (aside from being unconstitutional) is that it doesn’t charge people who don’t have health insurance enough. I think if we bumped the fine from $695 to, say 3 grand for every man woman and child, and cap it at like 10 grand for a household, we’d have more more buy in from all parties involved. That would reduce the cost of this thing big time…

    Posted by daveb1040 | April 9, 2012, 3:54 pm

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